Jack Stauber [pronounced staw-bur] is a singer, songwriter, and musician from McKean, a small rural town from Erie, Pennsylvania, born on April 6th, 1996. He currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is (obviously) the main focus of this Wiki. Jack Stauber's current music style is mainly a pop-synth like, electronic, alternative-indie, and avant-garde style with a unique blend of different other genres in it like rock and folk. Jack also has a very strange and stretchy singing voice, which according to an interview, he develops while singing in the shower. According to Jack, the voice effects he makes are inspired from Donovan in the song "Hurdy Gurdy Man". He's also noted for his strange, seemingly nonsensical lyrics, though according to an interview, nearly all of them mean something. He has been uploading on his YouTube channel since April 1st, 2013, as well as other social media platforms, mainly being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon, being the platforms he's still currently active on. It's also worth bringing up Jack's independent record label, known as Plopscotch Records, where Jack Stauber distributes majority of his releases, aside from a few exceptions.

Animation and Cartoons Videos

Speaking of Jack's social media platforms, Jack Stauber is also an animator and even storyteller. Jack posts a lot of his art and creations on a secondary alt Instagram account, known as plopscotch, sharing the same name as his record label. Jack is known for doing many different forms of animation, including 2D Microsoft Paint animation, claymation, and 3D animation. A lot Jack's art styles were influenced from Pop Culture icons like Pink Floyd, Bruce Bickford, Klasky Csupo, etc.

Collage of Jack's different styles. The top row showcase the surreal and disjointed style of Jack. The middle three row shows the colorful and glitchy style of Jack. And the bottom row shows the classic Stauber faces.

Jack Stauber is best known for three very unique art styles. The first being a very surreal type of drawing and animating style, with many bouncy, disjointed, and enthusiastic facial expressions and characters, mainly being seen in claymation and non-video works. The second known style is colorful and glitchy (animated) visuals, mainly seen in music videos, cartoons, and projects. And finally, the third well-known thing with Jack Stauber's style are the well known "Stauber Faces" mainly being a light skinned character with either a long nose, a red nose, or both. All of these art styles not only make Jack very unique, but it also makes his content really easy to point out and recognizable as a work of Jack.

He's been noticed and picked out from different corporations and companies, mainly Adult Swim. Jack has currently made a ton of things for Adult Swim. First being an animated short called "Wishing Apple" in July 2018, which consists of two friends eating when one eats an apple that turns out the be a wishing apple. The second was in August 2018, when an already existing video called Valentine's Day is Not for the Lonely, airing on an episode of Off the Air. Then in March 2019, Jack aired a whole mini-series on Adult Swim called SHOP: A Pop Opera, which was about someone shopping in a store and learning many lessons based off of foods and people he run into along the way. It was well received and was met with a ton of praise and ending up later gaining a cult following, mainly with the popularity of the Coffee. Finally, on Halloween 2020, Jack made and released a short film called OPAL which consists of the adventure of a young girl named Opal investigating a seemingly haunted house across from her street. Just like SHOP, it was met with a ton of praise, being called very scary and well-made, mainly for its unique and complex storytelling.


Example of Jack using real teeth for his characters.

Something very bizarre and also in a way disturbing about Jack is his constant obsession, references, and hints to teeth and molars. Jack is known for signing about teeth and including it in his lyrics, likely using teeth as metaphors, and most notably, using real teeth in his clay characters or adding good detail to teeth in his videos. Jack has currently never publicly talked about why he always brings up teeth, and fans don't know the specific reason to why he always does so, but some theorizes go from it beings as said above, a metaphor of some sort, to some even believing Jack has an obsession and creepy appreciation for teeth. One of the most notable moments with teeth was when he uploaded a video asking people to send their teeth to him while thanking people who had already done so. It's very strange. Also, while asking people for so, when some people asked him, "What if it's not human teeth?", he responded saying that he didn't mind. He also even said that he didn't mind hair, while saying "I'm not picky."

Music Discography


Jack has currently published four album throughout his career on main artist name. These albums can be found on many platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, etc. These albums are:

  • HiLo (April 14th, 2018)

A3652689076 16.jpg

Finite Form was Jack Stauber's ever official album. Finite Form is noted for the fact that it was made and released when Jack was only 16 years old, with its production and songwriting being above average for his time. Though despite being slightly rough around the edges when looking back, it was still an incredible start to Jack's discography.

Viator Album Cover.jpg

Viator is the second album released by Jack Stauber, which is a collection of songs that Jack had written through May-July 2015, and it notably has a big change in style as instead of the pop style that Jack is known for, its main focus is folk and indie rock. Viator was known for being made while Jack was said to be going through a ton of loss at the time, which explains some of the tracks somber and saddening vibe to them, as well as its dark and even creepy feeling and lyrics to them. Also a fun fact, according to Jack, to get the best experience and results with the album, listen to it in a supine position with your eyes closed. Jack would eventually start going back to his pop music style and then in 2017, Jack finally released an album with the pop genre and feeling to it.


Jack later released his third album, Pop Food, which showed a present return to Jack's pop style. Despite this, Pop Food has its own and new style of pop too it, having a much more calm, lo-fi, and very 80-90s like style to it, making it truly stick out not only from his discography, but in the music industry alone. The album become arguably his most well known and most well received album along with the next album for its well written and meaningful and music, as well as its style and feeling, being described above.


Jack's fourth and currently latest album is known as HiLo. Similar to Pop Food, it has an 80 and 90s feeling to it, but rather than a lo-fi and calm theme to it, HiLo instead has a more funky, upbeat, and even jazzy feeling to it. It's also notably the only studio album cover that isn't a drawing made by him. Just like Pop Food, it was received well and was met with praise for its good music and catchy tunes. Though as stated earlier that this is currently his latest album, there are still current theories and predictions that Jack is possibly working on a 5th album, mainly being of the big hiatus' that Jack has been on throughout 2020, though other than that, there is no evidence to this.

Micropops and Extended Songs

Every micropop ep.png

Jack also publishes under the name Jack Stauber's Micropop, in which he releases his short songs from his social media, extended versions of his short YouTube songs found on his channel, or other unreleased and affiliated content. So far, there are six extended song EPs, one album / compilation of short Jack Stauber songs, and two soundtrack albums from SHOP: A Pop Opera, and Jack Stauber's OPAL.

Other Alias and Names

There other names and bands that Jack Stauber was a part of, or was involved in. Just about all of these however have been abandoned or Jack is no longer a part of.

  • Joose (2012-2018) - A rock band Jack Stauber used to a part of.
  • Zaki (2016-2018) - Another rock band Jack used to be part a of, though not as long as Joose.
  • Catdash (aka Jack and Spencer, Booknose, Stencil Horseback and the Smack Lobsters, Dreaming Willows) (2012-2016) - A old duo group with a friend of his on SoundCloud and YouTube
  • Matei Jordache (Mike Pig) (2019) - A short and modern Stauber sounding album secretly released under another name, which was discovered about a year later.
  • Ben the Pig (June 2015) - A short lived YouTube account that made Microsoft Paint videos.
  • Heart Balloon (2011) - An old band that Jack Stauber was a part of, seemingly active for only a few months in early 2011, despite supposedly making two albums.
  • Turkey Dinner (2013) - A seemingly short lived group Jack used to be in.
  • 15891589 (2007-2013) - The first Stauber account made when Jack was much younger.

For more songs & information, a full list of all the known music that Jack has worked on can be seen here.

Childhood and Early Life (1996-2012)

733777 489701544410249 1297691086 n.jpg

Jack Stauber was born on April 6th, 1996, and he grew up in his home state, Pennsylvania. Jack grew up with a lot of vintage things from the 80s and 90s from its time which seem to have later been big influences on his life, music, and style. A lot of the music that Jack listened to growing up seem to have been a big inspiration behind his music. Jack said that he listened to a lot of "campy alt" music from the 80s from his mother, and a lot of "good ol' dead and jazz funk" from his father. Jack also said that in high school, he used to listen to a lot of art rock and experimental pop. Jack stated that The Residents and M83's Digital Shades had blown his mind when first listening to it, and how they've led him to the music that he's still in today, which can be seen when listening to albums like Pop Food and HiLo.

A lot of movies and TV shows Jack watched growing up were also big inspirations for his art styles. One big example is Rugrats, which in an interview with New Retro Wave, was and still is Jack Stauber's favorite cartoon growing up, and he used to really love Klasky Csupo's art style in the show, especially in the pilot episode. When looking at his currently art style, you can see a big influence of the Klasky Csupo art style in his cartoons, like five and hot dogs for example. Some clips and snippets from Rugrats can also be heard ins some of his songs. Some other cartoon influences of his style were Fleischers  cartoons, Merrie Melodies, Pink Panther, as according to Jack, when he watched these when he was little for the first time, he was instantly "hooked for life". Another really notable influence on his style was Pink Floyd's The Wall, which according to Jack is one of his favorite movies. This movie seems to have influenced the more surreal and creepy side of his works, and its apparent just from looking at the movie poster.


Jack also had a big influence from Bruce Bickford, a stop and claymation animator. Bruce seems to be the best known influence to Jack in his currently claymation style. Jack seems to have always had an early interest in animation when he was younger, mainly claymation. This can be seen in Jack's first and earliest known YouTube channel, known as 15891589. Jack's earliest available videos were Jack's earliest test and clips of stop motion.

Summer sickness cover.jpg

Jack would later get Twitter and post his first tweet in 2010, and he would go on to post many other jokes and tweets until mainly focusing on posting his content. In 2011, one could say was year when Jack Stauber first truly started having a good focus on making music. The earlier known example was a small band he was said to be in called Heart Balloon, though the band seems to have only been active for a few months. Jack then got a SoundCloud where he would start uploading a ton of good and high quality music, with some even become popular among Stauber fans in current times. The first track ever uploaded to his SoundCloud was called Daniel Hansen, which was an audio remix of a voicemail saying Daniel Hansen. Jack would then start uploading a bunch of songs to the page, including Summer Sickness, Lines, Axis of Dam, etc. Although Jack would unknowingly delete Daniel Hansen, along with at least five other songs called 12 tT Dubstep, Cherry Slider, Kissin' On Me, Make, and Malice from the page. Summer Sickness, at the time, would become slightly popular and gather the attention of a few people. Jack would then start working on some songs that would later become a part of Jack's official debut album.


Before that though, Jack would become a part of two musical groups. The first was a short lived duo electronic group on SoundCloud with a friend of his known as "catdash", where he and his friend would make fun and weird electronic pop-like music. He and his friend also made a channel where they would post fun and random videos, known as Jack Spencer. The channel would end up being active longer than catdash. The second and unarguably better and more popular musical group Jack joined was a rock band called Joose and would become the lead singer of the group. This band would then go on to perform at many shows at their hometown and release a full length album. The band would also then go on to gain a cult following with Jack's popularity and his fans discovering the band.


Jack 2013.png

2013 was the month to many where Jack really started to truly have a big focus on music. 2013 was also the year where a lot of big things would be created, started, and originated. The first notable thing about 2013 was that Jack uploaded the final known video 15891589 called Chess Dream before Jack abandoned the account. About a month later, Jack would go and upload his first post on Instagram, being an edited photo of himself behind many landscapes. Jack would then go and post a lot of colorful and trippy edits of photos on his Instagram for a while until going long post hiatus' starting in 2014 until 2017. Then in March 9th, on Instagram, Jack officially revealed his debut album called Finite Form to the public, revealing the cover art and its release date, being on March 18th. Jack later announced that on SoundCloud, that he released Runaway as a free single, 5 days before the album's release. Then on March 18th, the album was officially released on different platforms. Though today, there are few things that are rough around the edges with the album, at its time, especially for Jack's age, being 16, this was a very high effort and quality album and would be an amazing start to Jack's released discography. The album would mainly a cult following with Jack's popularity and this being Jack's first album. There was also a song called The Diverge which revealed Jack's skills in acoustic folk-like music.

Later on April 1st, Jack would upload something very historic and important. On this day, Jack Stauber posted the first ever video on Jack's new channel called JackStauber. This video was called "Joose Psychedelia Test", which as the title suggests was a test of psychedelic effects with a Joose performance playing in the background. This would eventually becomes Jack's main and most known account. Throughout 2013-2015, Jack would mostly upload a lot of animations and loops onto the channel. Later in the year, catdash would upload an album onto SoundCloud called June Bugs which would be the last music they group would release, aside from a remix, before the page went inactive. On October 9th, 2013, Jack would then upload the first ever post on his Tumblr which was a timelapse of him and his girlfriend watching the sunset.

Plopscotch mascot.png

Within 2013-2014, Joose would start performing a lot of shows at their hometown and then release a single called Big Dreams at the beginning of 2014, though aside from Joose, Jack was rather more inactive during this year as there was NO music at all that released in 2014, although there were a few notable things that happened in 2014. The first thing was that Joose released their first single of the song called Kickback. It would sound slightly different from the album version we would get over a year later. Another notable thing in 2014 was a now unlisted short film called I'm a Teenager, uploaded by Jack Stauber, which was the first Jack Stauber video to ever have a VHS effect on it. The last and arguably most notable thing of 2014 was the creation and first upload of the Plopscotch Instagram account on October 14th. This first upload was artwork of what would become both the mascot for Plopscotch Records and the icon of the account (only the head). This character would later be known as the Viator Man. The arts Jack would create and post mainly had an art style inspired from Fleischers cartoons before eventually evolving into Jack's original bouncy and surreal style.


2015 would be the year where Jack slowly started to grow a beard, which would later grow into the big and iconic Stauber beard we all know. Despite that, at the start of 2015, nothing truly notable happened aside from some artworks posted, but then in March 2015, Joose teased and revealed their new album and release a new single called Galaxy Dreams. Then on March 21st, Joose officially released their new self titled album. The album, just like the band would go on to gain a cult following among Stauber fans discovering the band. The production on the album was well made and was met with good reception from listeners.

Red press loop.png

Throughout May-July 2015 however, Jack was said to have been going through loss, and it seemed to have affected Jack. Because so, Jack started writing a ton of folk songs on his guitar while going through these times. In July 2015, near the end of these times, Jack created a now inactive alt account called Ben the Pig where Jack posted two cartoons, Big the Pig (self titled) and The Bozotoso. Later in August, Jack revealed what would be his second album called Viator. Jack later uploaded a song from Viator as a single onto SoundCloud called Christ Potion. Jack would then go and upload an animated promo for Viator, revealing a song from the album called The Walking Song. Before Viator released, Jack held a Viator release show at Basement Transmissions, where he sang and revealed some songs from the album, a few unreleased songs that wouldn't appear on the album, as well The Diverge from Finite Form. Viator officially released on September 18th, along with an animated promo revealing snippets from a few songs with animation loops. A lot of songs from the album have constant mood changes and many different interludes in the album, giving a true experience of what was going through Jack's head at the time. About a half a month later, Jack uploaded a song called Grins Hells onto SoundCloud. The song has a very similar sound to those on Viator which has led to some fans to theorize that this was an omitted song from Viator.

At the end of the month, Jack continued to make artwork and create different projects. One notable one however was a cartoon called Marketing. This cartoon would become the first ever Microsoft Paint animated cartoon on his YouTube channel. Jack would then continue to make Microsoft Paint animated cartoons leading into 2016.


Everything in this chapter is currently a WIP, but you can hopefully expect this in a few days.



Jack rex theater.jpg

Unlike majority of 2018, Jack wasn't really as active and posting as much in December than how he was during most of the year. Something notable Jack did on 1st was that he held one of his last major live shows at the Rex Theater, PA. During the show, Jack's keyboard set up was surrounded by seven old TVs. The five on the bottom had teeth opening up and down, via stopmotion, and the top two had claymation eyeballs on them, coming together to make a big face. Later in the month, on December 4th, Jack's submission for the Giphy Film Festival premiered on December 4th, 2018, called take tooth. This would be Jack only video of the month, making it Jack's last video of 2018. On December 18th, Jack posted on Patreon a "teaser sneak peek video" which would be a teaser and behind the scenes look in for SHOP: A Pop Opera, showcasing its development and revealing that it was almost finished. Finally on December 29th, Tea Errors was extended and posted onto Patreon. This would be Jack overall last post and overall last song of 2018, albeit not public, and in the post, Jack thanked everyone for giving him a great year. This would be a great and satisfying ending to great year for both Jack and his fans.



At the time, Jack not uploading in over a month on his channel (excluding Patreon and other platforms) was new at the time. Jack would then upload a music video called Baby Hotline on January 10th, which would then go on to become one of Jack's most famous and well known songs to date. Baby Hotline was also regarded as a great start to 2019. Jack has also uploaded a few things on Patreon during the month, including an unused song from SHOP: A Pop Opera and an upbeat demo for The End. Jack later in the month uploaded another music called, Cooking with Abigail. This video at the time caught the attention of many for being a much longer video for its time, being over a minute and a half, as well as its dark message, theme, and animation. Jack near the end of the month would post and do something very confusing also concerning to some. Jack made a claymation video only posted to Twitter asking his fans to send people their teeth to him while thanking those who had already done so. It was very bizarre and also disturbing in a way. Jack was known for his constant references and usage of teeth, but this was a whole new level. According to a post on Patreon however, Jack did in fact get some teeth from that video. Finally at the end of the month, Jack posted something unexpected. Jack officially posted the extended version of Baby Hotline, which surprised fans because of short it had been since the video first came out. This also broke records, with Baby Hotline not only been the quickest a song had been extended, but also it was the only time a song was extended in the same month it was uploaded. This was also the first ever extended song to not have an any form of new intro added to it.


February came along and Jack uploaded a music video called Good Morning Blondie, which would become one of Jack's most well known videos for its disturbing animation and themes. The randomly a few days later, Jack uploaded a very mysterious video onto Plopscotch captioned "eas" (commonly nicknamed Oxygen from fans). The video consisted of a bunch of glitchy and disjointed photos of people flashing and moving on the screen with an unsettling reversed song in the background with Jack screaming into it. When reversing the song, it reveals a snippet of a just as unsettling song with Jack screeching in the vocals. The meaning of the whole post is unknown though was likely just made for the sake of being weird as an art project of some sort. On Valentine's Day, Jack then uploaded another music video called Cupid, which was a saddening love song with really deep vocals. At the time, the video's animation not only stuck out for being very scary, but also for being very violent, mainly with the scene where the ear monster get's its eye blown off. The song alone was so intense and graphic that Jack made a calmer alternative cut of the song and put it on Patreon, made as a way to clean up the song a bit. Jack then uploaded the video and a grainy still of the video onto Tumblr, along with the caption, "happy valentine's day". This would sadly end up being the last ever post on his Tumblr before the page went completely inactive. At the end of the month, Jack uploaded his first cartoon of the year called "day job", which followed a man who would collected dogs so he could send them back to their owners. The cartoon was liked and was regarded as very charming. Later at the end of the month, Jack and Adult Swim announced SHOP's public debut that would be taking place next month.

Baby hotline-tea errors.jpg

March 2019 was a great month for Jack. At the beginning of the month, SHOP: A Pop Opera premiered on Adult Swim throughout the 4th and the 9th of March. SHOP was received well for its unique animation, themes, and most notably, its incredible music. Later in the month, Jack uploaded a ton of great videos and content onto his channel. The first being Hope, which would become one of Jack's most famous, albeit unreleased song to date. The next is another music video called Deploy, which also go on to be regarded as one of Jack's best songs. Jack then publicly released the extended versions of Baby Hotline and Tea Errors a few days later and uploaded a promo called "ring ring". The EP was met with praise and was well received, although there were some controversial opinions and thoughts on Baby Hotline among few fans. Finally, Jack uploaded a cartoon called "rain", which centered around a man walking under an awning while its raining, only for it to keep raining, despite him "doing what he was supposed to". The cartoon, just like the other things in the month, was hit was praise, mainly for its simple yet deep message.

Left hand.png

Following the great month would come a really tough month for Jack. On April 3rd, Jack announced on Patreon that he had gotten into a stunt accident and ended up in the hospital, also revealing that he had broken his right arm and collarbone. This would cause Jack to make to make his videos and content with only his left hand, but that didn't stop Jack. Jack also announced that he would be uploaded many archives of him onto Patreon, though Jack would only upload an old song of his called Realign, Break a Bone, and the instrumental for Rain. Jack than made an update post that revealed and updated things. Jack revealed he was working on a new video with his left hand, and also a very depressing update that he had to spend his birthday in the hospital. The new video Jack was working on later uploaded a few days later, being a music video called Good Luck Chasing Your Mind. In the video's description, there was a note that read, "made with left hand", hinting at Jack's broken arm. This note would appear in Jack videos until his arm healed. Jack then uploaded a CGI cartoon called "help", which centered around a man stuck under a boulder asking for someone to help him get out. Help would then go on to become Jack's most famous video of the year and one of the famous of his whole career.

In May, Jack uploaded a music video called Dinner is Not Over, which would become popular, mainly for its simple yet strong message. Then later in the month, Jack uploaded a music called Out the Ox, where on some other platforms were seen with weird to even gibberish misspellings of the title. It's also worth nothing that the video didn't have the made with left hand note on it, revealing that his arm was better. This was also the first month in history when Jack didn't upload anything onto Patreon, although he would then post something the next, seemingly intended for the last day or May, just a day late.


On June 1st, Jack uploaded the extended version of Cupid onto Patreon. This marked the first time an extended song was a day late of the end of month format, going into the first day of the month. Also the post, Jack revealed that his arm was officially better and he could fully work on projects again. Cupid Extended would become the longest an extended song ever took to release, though it was likely for it to release around Valentine's Day. Later in the month, Jack uploaded a clay animated cartoon called "will". This was one of (or likely the) the first cartoon on his channel to be in full claymation, rather than the traditional Microsoft Paint animation. Despite this, the cartoon was still received well. Then randomly on June 29th, Jack released a 99-track album called Micropop, which was a compilation one many short songs from Jack Stauber, being a mixture of songs from videos, Tumblr songs, Patreon songs, newly revealed songs, etc. It was also worth nothing that there were still a ton of songs that were still unreleased, like Dirty Harry for example. There was also confusion with Cupid being on the album, despite being extended. A day later however, Those Eggs Aren't Dippy was unexpectedly extended on Patreon. This ended up breaking the record for the longest a song had ever taken to be extended, being over 11 months old, and this also revealed that a song being or not being on Micropop still meant it could be extended. The extended song alone was very controversial among fans though, mainly for shedding away from the original too much and not being polished well.

On July 4th, Jack uploaded a cartoon called "hot dogs", which was about a father and his baby son named Dougie finding a hot dog roller. The cartoon hit with instant love for its calm and wholesome theme and feeling. During the month however, a video of the extended version of Cupid from Patreon was leaked and was being shared. This leak is known for being one of the most infamous cases of Patreon leaking and is arguably the leak that started the trend of doing so. At the end of the month, Deploy was extended on Patreon. It was notably the first song extended that wasn't affiliated with the Micropop album.

Second press 1024x1024@2x.png

There was a big hiatus in August from hot dogs to his newest music video that would come near the end of the month, which was Able. The music video was praised for its dark story being told of the cow. Able and the next video would also end up having a rather hiatus for its time. At the end of the month, Jack uploaded the extended version of Out the Ox onto Patreon. This would currently be the last song on Micropop to be extended. September was also a very silent month for Jack Stauber as the only notable thing Jack did was that Jack restocked the Pop Food Vinyl with a new white record color, made to represent a tooth. Jack also made a promo for the restock.


Similar to Cupid Extended with May, there was going to be an end of the month post on Patreon for September, but was posted a day later. In this case, on October 1st, Keyman was extended and posted on Patreon, being a close second to the longest time for an extended to be made, being beaten by Those Eggs Aren't Dippy. Nearly two weeks later, Jack was back from the hiatus and uploaded another claymation cartoon called "library", which was about a man in his bed looking inside his pillow and seeing a tiny world of humans playing a game show. It was received well for its animation and scary atmosphere. Later in the month, something really terrible happened. SHOP: A Pop Opera was illegally released on streaming services by someone who had bypassed all verification and streamed album under his name, causing the anonymous streamer to get the credit. Jack had to make a public Patreon announcement on this situation, and it caused him to postpone a finished video that was planned to upload on this day, though he was able to get it up the next day. This video was called, view, which was a simple CGI cartoon about a man enjoying the view. The instrumental for the cartoon was posted the next day. Around the end of the month, Jack uploaded a new music video called There's Something Happening. This video showcases some of Jack's most impressive editing and claymation skills in videos, getting a ton of attention and becoming one of Jack's most viewed music videos. October was a big step up in content from Jack compared to the past few months.

Deploy tead oto.png

In November, Jack posted on Patreon a video of Sculptures he made, rather than an extended song. In the past though, Jack revealed that he working on an extended song, just I was taking longer to finish. Then on November 4th, Jack officially and publicly released the extended versions of Deploy, Those Eggs Aren't Dippy, and Out the Ox, and it come with a promo called "new". The EP also notably excluded the extended versions of Cupid and Keyman. The EP was received decently, especially Deploy, being regarded as one of Jack's best works, though as stated above, Those Eggs Aren't Dippy controversial among some listeners. A few weeks later, Jack uploaded a new music video called Love Will. The video was liked, but the dancing egg shaped character would become a rather popular character within the community. This would also end up leading into a rather long hiatus from Jack. Finally at the end of the month, Jack uploaded the extended song that had taken a while to finish, which was the extended version of Dinner is Not Over. The description for post also reveals that the song was extended mainly for the Thanksgiving time.

Nat missed1.png

Jack was rather silent at the start of December, until Jack posted an update post on Patreon about him playing the drums. Jack announced that he was extended one more song before he would take a break one extended songs for a while. Then on Christmas Eve, Jack posted on Patreon that he had been learning cel animation. Some Plopscotch arts also revealed it too. Then on New Years Eve, before 2020 rolled in, Jack quickly uploaded his final video of the year and decade called now and then, and cel-animated cartoon showcasing a white figure walking up to another dead white figure, and dissecting its body parts. It had lots of symbolism to the saying "New year, new me" and had the overall message of improving yourself. The cartoon also showcased Jack's learning in cel-animation. The cartoon in general was well received, though it was later infamously age restricted. Despite this, fans were satisfied and curious for what to expect in 2020.


2020 was a very bizarre year for Jack. Following Jack's more longer hiatus' that were seen in late 2019 continued as Jack didn't upload anything to his channel in January 2020 aside from a now and then teaser on Plopscotch. Although despite this, three notable things happened during of the month. The first was that on January 4th, Jack had officially gained 1,000,000 subscribers, which was a big milestone for both Jack and his fans. The second was that on the 25th, There's Something Happening was extended, being revealed to be the final extended song for while as he was planning to take a break on doing so, as stated in the drums update. The last was that on the 31st, Jack uploaded a very weird update post onto to Patreon that came with a secret unlisted video and song called "aeeeeaeaaeeeeaae95". The description read, "peer to peer", and Jack actually said in the post that you send the video to only ONE person, revealing the video was meant as a secret video, meant to be shared from one person to another, although it is common for leaking with many misinterpreting what Jack said. The post was also tagged with drink water. This would the first of many Patreon posts with a tag based on water.

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In February 2020, Jack Stauber uploaded a video called, video man, which was a 2D animated video that was meant to brilliantly break the fourth wall. This would make video man both Jack's first song of year, and of the decade. Then a few days later officially and publicly released the extended versions of Dinner is Not Over, There's Something Happening, Keyman, and Cupid and uploaded a promo for it called "out now". Infamously though, the EP didn't generate onto YouTube unlike the other EPs which left many fans, as well as Jack himself confused. Unfortunately, the EP still hasn't been generated into YouTube.


March 2020 is considered the last month before things with Jack Stauber truly started to get weird. In this month, SHOP: A Pop Opera's one year anniversary took place and in celebration, Jack decided to officially release SHOP on streaming services, especially after the fraud SHOP from 2019. The release included all songs from SHOP including the theme song and an extended ending for the final song heard in the Cheese episode. A few days later, Jack uploaded a new song called Mirror Mirror. Currently fans believe and have coined this song as the song that has the highest chance of being extended. Then randomly, Joose streamed their self-titled album out of nowhere. It was eventually revealed this yes, this was official and this was done for the band's five year anniversary for the album's release. Many Joose fans were absolutely joyful about the streaming since aside from Bandcamp, the only way to listen to the album outside CDs were reuploads. Finally, Jack uploaded New Normal which would become one of Jack's most famous videos. It is unknown of this was intentional or a coincidence, but the song is known for its relations and hints towards the COVID-19 pandemic that took place during majority of the year, especially considering that the song was uploaded around the times where the lockdowns were taking place and things were changing and being altered at the time. A demo for the song was also uploaded a few days later. This is when Jack's infamous hiatus' would start.

In April 2020 there were no YouTube uploads, though Jack did upload a few things in the month. Two things Jack uploaded were two Patreon posts on the 11th, the first being old zine arts, and other being a very bizarre song with an even more bizarre title called, "moder444444444444444rn r4 huie44 4", similar to the gibberish title of the aeae95 video from January. At the end of April, Jack posted behind the scenes for the Mirror Mirror video, and a song called Love and War, which also had a water tag, though this time being, water time.

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In May, the 2020 Shorty Awards took place where Jack would win the award for the best in weird. Sadly, following that, something really bad would happen that would affect Jack badly, and it was when Jack's auto generated artist name was bugging out and started re-generating Jack's music, causing Jack to have to make a public Patreon post about it. Jack also brought up the Dinner is Not Over EP and it not generating and revealing that he's still trying to get it up. Jack also revealed in the post that if you see an ad with Buttercup playing in it, it is illegitimate and should be reported. This fake channel later would then oddly rename itself "Indie Pop Music" and change its icon to a logo unrelated to Jack Stauber. Later in May, Jack uploaded a very mysterious video on Patreon called "000_theact000.0. r", which was an unlisted VHS video and song. Fans were last confused on why the video was unlisted, given how traditional it seemed, looking like something Jack would normally post on his channel. Its bizarre and even cryptic name and feeling also confused fans.


Jack barley showed any internet presence aside from two Patreon posts. One being a new song called "LI5T3R1N3_===send down", which was also notably tagged with water. One the same day, he uploaded an old zine book from 2016 called Town Dance. In July 2020, Jack was completely silent until around the end of the month. On the 24th, Jack had once again uploaded a seemingly traditional video called "lo44444444444444444444444444", and fans were once again confused at why these were unlisted and what they meant. Also the post had water tags. But then finally, a few days later, Jack posted a photo of a doll in a dark room, which fans didn't know at the time was teaser. A few hours later, Jack uploaded his first public video in four months called, Back. Fans theorized that the name Back had themes to do with being back from a long hiatus, though this was eventually proved false.

August 2020 came but very little happened though. The biggest thing that happened in the month was when Jack uploaded a new cel-animated cartoon, on August 3rd, with the name as an older song called Goldie. It was discovered that August 3rd were the dates when both songs came out, and then fans realizes that the same lyrics were being sung in the song, revealing that the two videos were in fact, connected. Unfortunately, this video would end up leading into another long hiatus. On August 15th, Daniel Hansen, Kissin' On Me, and Cherry Slider were found and re-uploaded after being lost for many years onto YouTube by an anonymous user who claims they had the files on their computer for a while. September 2020 came along and only one thing happened in the month, where Jack uploaded another traditional video into Patreon, this time called, "p.a gE hls// dhue ///dlightness </p>dsaturation .|{ [][ ][][". This was the only that happened to Jack in the month.

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The silence followed into October 2020, until archives were found of future Adult Swim airings, and a program called "Jack Stauber's OPAL" was found, said to air on Halloween at midnight. This was eventually confirmed to be true when it was found on TV programs. Promos were then uploaded by Adult Swim revealing some scenes and footage from the film. Many fans were instantly hyped for the film. Then on Halloween, the short film debuted. Right after airing and after fans discovered its meaning and how its twist worked, the film was instantly hit with a ton for praise and was received very well.

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On November 2020, deleted Tumblr songs were found reblogged on another account. These consist of Internet Boys, You Pulled a Bad Man Out of My Head, I won a lot of money today, and I went to church on my 12th birthday and all I got was this lousy guilt, and an untitled song. A few days later in the month, the soundtrack for OPAL released under Adult Swim Smalls and Jack Stauber's Micropop, which featured the theme song, an extended cut of the dancing song, the crying melody, the three songs from the parents, and the ending reprise of the imaginary parent's jingle. Jack then, a few days later uploaded an update post on Patreon revealing behind the scenes of OPAL. But then on the same day, Summer Sickness was randomly and infamously streamed on all platforms without any announcement which left fans confused, mainly with how fishy the release in general was, until a few days later when Jack confirmed that it was officially a fraud. This was a very similar situation to SHOP's infamous bootleg stream in 2019. Thankfully in December 2020, it was removed for all streaming services and was fully taken down. At the end of December, Jack uploaded a new post on Patreon called "best wishes to the free man".


Currently, as of now, Jack hasn't done or said anything during 2021 yet, though new content or info will hopefully come out soon.

Current / Possible Status

There isn't any currently public updates on what Jack is currently working on, but there are many theories. The biggest one is that Jack is working on a big project with the theme of water. This is mainly from a ton of recent Patreon posts being tagged with water. Another theory of what Jack is working on is a 5th album, as stated above, mainly because of how long it had been since a new studio album. Some even believe this album might have something to do with water, though other than how it has been, there is no real evidence or leaks of a new album.


There aren't too many well known and memorable quotes from Jack Stauber outside of his music lyrics, but here are two notable quotes from him.

"If you see someone being happy, leave 'em alone, let them figure it out for themselves." - from the note on my phone from Nov 14 from last year Tumblr audio.

"I get playful with the words but they’re always chosen very carefully. They all make perfect sense. I wouldn’t sing something if it didn’t." - An interview with New Retro Wave in Summer 2018.

"We did it together because we tried together, and now we can do the show!" - Live show at Rhythm and Brews Festival on August 4th, 2018.

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